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SSRI Ed note: Police officers following approved protocol shoot and kill man, drunk and on antidepressants, who punched his girlfriend.

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POSTED: 6:00 a.m. PDT September 17, 2003

PORT ANGELES, Wash. – Two officers who shot and killed a man while investigating a domestic violence complaint apparently were following proper procedures, officers say.

Suspect Armed With Several Guns

The man’s sister says she also believes police had no choice in what she believes was “suicide by cop.”

Carmen D. Hudson, 33, of Port Angeles, was advancing and aiming a shotgun Monday night when Cpl. Tyler Peninger and officer Glen Roggenbuck opened fire from 15 to 20 feet away, Police Chief Thomas E. Riepe said.

The two senior officers remain on paid leave, will meet with a State Patrol psychologist at Riepe’s request and may return to work when they wish, Sgt. Erick Zappey said Tuesday. Neither had previously shot at anyone on the job, he added.

“It appears they were following our policy to a ‘T,”‘ Zappey said.

Riepe said Hudson had been drinking, and an autopsy may establish how much alcohol he had consumed, whether he had taken other drugs and how many bullets hit him.

The shooting occurred after a woman described by police as Hudson’s former girlfriend called 911 and said he had just assaulted her. When the officers arrived, they found she had been punched in the chin, Zappey said.

Witnesses said Hudson, who lived nearby, ignored commands to stop moving and to drop the weapon, instead aiming it at the officers in a dark alley.

Hudson’s older sister, Kim Hall of Port Angeles, said Tuesday that Hudson had been taking antidepressants, probably had probably been drinking all day Monday and — in her opinion — decided after police arrived that he wanted to be killed.

“In my opinion, I think he committed suicide by cop,” Hall said.

He had spent five and a half years in the Army and “knew what the consequences were going to be of not putting down his gun,” she said. “I’m sorry he put cops in the position they had to do what they did.”

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