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SSRI Ed note: Man on Cymbalta loses temper, seriously injures toddler.

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By: LEAH McDONALD, Dispatch Staff Writer


LENOX – An accident while wrestling and “rough-housing” is what put three-year-old Aadon Olmstead in the hospital, says the man arrested on charges of reckless assault.

“It was an accident that I hit Aadon’s head on the floor,” Jesse E. Snow, 23, of Seneca Turnpike in Lenox, said in a statement to police, “but it wasn’t an accident that I was holding him up and rough-housing with him.”

Snow, whose fiancee is Aadon’s mother, told police he was wrestling with the toddler last Wednesday night, according to his police disposition.

“When we were wrestling together, I think I hit him too hard in the stomach and chest area with my fist one or two times,” he told authorities. “He didn’t cry, but he made a face like it hurt him. I think it was more like a shock to him. I asked him if he was alright. He said he was OK.”

After the play fights, Snow explained that he picked Aadon up by the biceps and held him over his head to spin him around so they’d both get dizzy. As they were spinning, however, he lost his footing and fell, taking the boy with him.

“It happened really fast,” he said. “I didn’t have time to pull him in to me. We were in the living room when this happened. I fell forward and Aadon was facing me. He hit his head first and I fell right on top of him. It was like a slam. That’s what it sounded like and felt like. It was really, really hard. I don’t think you could just slam something that hard by just standing there and throwing something down. My chest hit his chest, pretty much.”

Snow said he knew “for sure” that Aadon hit his head on the concrete floor, covered only by a thin carpet. “Aadon’s head was at an angle when it hit the floor. I don’t know what side, but it was the back, top part of his head. When I landed on him, his arms were like almost over his chest and I still had hold of his biceps. He was unresponsive then. He wasn’t talking, but he was kind of responsive. He wasn’t crying. It was like a whimper.”

In an effort to get Aadon to respond, Snow said he took him to his bedroom to check for injuries, then took him to the shower, hoping water would shock him awake. When that didn’t work, he said he went searching for the cordless phone. He said he called 911 about ten minutes after Aadon first hit his head.

In earlier statements to police, Snow’s story varied from yanking Aadon off the couch and hitting his head on a table, to the boy falling down the stairs when they went to check the mail. He said he lied originally because he did not want his son or daughter taken away from him.

Snow also said he was taking Cymbalta for his bipolar disorder, which has had several negatives effects on him, including mood swings and irritation. He told police he took Cymbalta previously and stopped because of the side effects, but began taking it again about five days ago.

“I didn’t mean to hurt Aadon so bad,” Snow said in an earlier statement. “I feel horrible about this. I can’t feel much lower. I feel like a piece of s – – -, pretty much.”

Aadon is at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse where he remains in critical condition, said his uncle, Robin Kimball. Doctors performed surgery on him last week for bleeding in the brain and skull fracture.

Snow has been charged with reckless assault of a child, a class D felony. He was arraigned by Oneida City Court Assistant Judge Michael Misiaszek and held at Madison County Jail on $50,000 cash or bond.

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