Son found decapitated was ‘lonely inside’ — (Wales Online)

SSRI Ed note: Law abiding, loving father takes antidepressants, does something illegal, is charged, dies by suicide.

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Wales Online

Wednesday, February 25, 2009, 07:59

THE devastated mum of a father-of-three found decapitated in a car has defended his reputation.

Eighty-six-year-old Kittie Hopkins, from Sketty, said she was heartbroken over her son Tony’s suicide in January this year.

The businessman’s body was found by police in his Ford Mondeo at Trostre Industrial Park, Llanelli, in the early hours of Thursday, January 15.

A suicide verdict was returned on his death at an inquest in Llanelli.

It emerged during the hearing that Mr Hopkins had been due to face criminal charges and was being investigated by the police ­ although the details were not disclosed.

Mrs Hopkins paid tribute to her son, saying: “He had never been involved with the police in his life. He was a happy man outwardly, but I think he was hurting.

“He would keep it inside him. He was hurting because his marriage had broken up and he had moved to another house.

“He said: ‘It’s not much fun, mum, living on your own’. He was upset.”

Mr Hopkins, aged 53, of Kennington Close, Killay, had previously been prescribed medication for depression.

Mrs Hopkins said: “This apparently happened during the night. He was probably awake and walking around and felt he had had enough.”

Mrs Hopkins, of Birchtree Close, continued: “I don’t think he went to the doctor often enough.

“I used to tell him to go to the doctor when he told me he wasn’t sleeping. I think it was just inside him ­ he was hurt and lonely and didn’t like living on his own. He is not a criminal and never was. He was a loving father to his children and a lovely son to me.

“He was the only thing I have got in the world apart from my grandson.”

She described Mr Hopkins, who owned Red Dragon Security Systems at Trostre Industrial Park, as a family man who did not go out and socialise much.

Mrs Hopkins added: “He led quite a lonely life really. Football was his main thing in life.”

After the inquest, a police spokesman said: “We can confirm that Mr Hopkins was being investigated by South Wales Police, but we are not prepared to say any more.”

Mr Hopkins’s close friend, Huw Lake, said; “I knew Tony well. He loved his sport, and especially the Swans, and as a friend he will be sadly missed. He was a lifelong Swans supporter, and watched them home and away.”