Man Detonates Bomb: Is Killed by Police — (WOOD8TV)

SSRI Ed note: "Kind, gentle soul" on antidepressants after losing job and girlfriend makes explosive device, breaks into her home to detonate, is killed by police.

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November 11, 2004, 6:32 p.m.

24 Hour News 8 talked to the son of a man who was killed during a confrontation with police and an explosive device inside a Kentwood home Tuesday morning.

Police say 52-year-old Jeffrey Bothee broke into the home of his ex-girlfriend and set off an explosive device in the basement during a confrontation with officers.

Autopsy results show Bothee was shot and killed by an officer who says he thought Bothee was going to set off another blast.

The woman filed several personal protection orders against Bothee since their relationship ended.

Bothee’s 20-year-old son, Miles, says he doesn’t recognize the man who set off explosives Tuesday. Miles adds he knew his dad as a man with a kind, gentle soul.

He says his dad was being treated for depression after being laid off from Steelcase where the couple met.

Miles also says he knew his dad was struggling.

“I knew he was having trouble letting go. I guess it was stalking. He was having trouble letting go,” said Bothee’s son.

Miles says his father was on medication and was seeing a counselor.

He thought things were getting better, and that the last six months his father seemed stronger.

But turning on the television Tuesday morning proved him wrong.

A complete interview with Bothee’s son can be seen on Thursday on 24 Hour News 8 at 11 p.m.