SSRI Ed note: Man in withdrawal from meds for "depression, bipolar" behaves erraticly, police arrive, immediately try to physically suvbdue him. Shot with tasar, he dies..

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New York Daily News

Monday, January 8, 2007, 12:00 AM

A TROUBLED 38-year-old man who was off his meds died of a heart attack last night after cops shot him with Mace and a Taser gun during a scuffle at a Queens home, officials said. Blondel Lassegue, who was ordained a minister two weeks ago through a nondenominational Las Vegas church, had begun acting erratically after going off his medication for depression and bipolar disorder, relatives said.
Lassegue, of Brooklyn, was visiting his uncle Clausel Lassegue when be began acting unruly, prompting relatives to summon police just before 5 p.m. “That is why he visited my uncle, who is the only one he will talk to when he’s off his medication,” said a cousin, Chashma Gourgue, 22, explaining that Lassegue was normally very spiritual. “He wouldn’t let anyone take him to the hospital – unless he was forced,” she said. “That’s why they called the cops, so they could take him.” Other relatives said they were consulting a lawyer and would release a statement today. When officers arrived at the uncle’s house, on 141st Ave. in Rosedale, Lassegue became combative as they tried to handcuff him, a police source said.
Lassegue was flailing and struggling with at least four officers inside the house as he threatened to harm himself and others, authorities said. Four police officers were injured in the fracas, officials said.
“The cops showed up. They tried to hold him down. They couldn’t,” Gourgue said. “They Maced him, but he was still struggling. The last thing they brought out was the Taser gun.” After being hit with the dartlike electrodes, Lassegue went into cardiac arrest, police said. He was taken to Franklin Hospital in Valley Stream, L.I., where he was pronounced dead at 6:39 p.m.
“It hurts. He was my mentor,” said Lassegue’s brother Raslyn Lassegue, 18. He said his brother, a 1993 Hunter College graduate, had a history of mental problems and that the family had previously called police to restrain him. Gourgue said Blondel Lassegue had been under extra stress lately after his mother and grandmother died within the past year.