‘Why didn’t police look after my dad?’ — (Manchester Evening News)

SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants fights with wife, is jailed, overdoses, dies.

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Manchester Evening News

Mike Keegan

15/ 5/2008

THE daughter of a bodybuilder found dead at home the day after harming himself in custody has demanded answers from police.

Dad-of-four John Nadin, 40, was freed from Cheadle Heath police station hours after a doctor noticed scratch marks on his wrists.

He went home – and the next day was found dead after taking an overdose of anti-depressants.

A jury of 10 at Manchester Coroner’s Court returned a verdict of death by misadventure.

And coroner Nigel Meadows called for training to be given to the custody sergeant at the station in question.

But Charlene Nadin, 24, Mr Nadin’s daughter, has demanded further action.

She said: “He should have had someone with him at the station and he didn’t. We were not told what he had done to himself in the cells.

“I didn’t even know he had been released – if I had known, he would still be here now.”

The court heard that Mr Nadin, who suffered from mental health problems, had been arrested after a row with his wife on August 25, 2006.


He was taken to the station, where a doctor declared him unfit for interview at 4.30 the following morning. The doctor also recommended half-hourly checks, but said he was not in a suicidal state.

But Mr Nadin was released at 7am and was found dead at his home by a close friend the following day.

Mother-of-two Charlene said: “If we had known what had happened, we would have made sure he was OK. He had a really bad memory and would often forget he had taken his pills.

“Without someone there to tell him that he had taken them, he would take more pills.

“He should have been kept at the station and we should have been told that he was not well.”

Charlene, from Northern Moor, added that she had lost a `brilliant’ dad.

“He was really into his body building and training, but was always there for us,” she said. “Everything about him was perfect. He was a wind-up merchant, but in a brilliant way and was just a good dad.

“Now we’re left behind and nobody is showing any signs of remorse.

“It wasn’t a little mistake they made – it’s cost a life and left us without a dad and his grandchildren without their grandad.”