Jealous man twice hit out in ‘frenzied’ attacks — (Worcester News)

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Worcester News

4:20am Tuesday 25th October 2011

By Sarah Davies

An alcoholic carried out two “frenzied” attacks in Malvern in an act of jealousy, a court heard.

Lee Jackson assaulted David Smith and Vince Wemyss two days apart, Worcester Magistrates Court was told.

Matt Dodson, prosecuting, said Jackson was at a party at the home of Rachel Leeming, whom he believed to be his girlfriend, on the night of Thursday, August 25.

An argument ensued between them about whether or not they were an item and Jackson accused Ms Leeming of paying too much attention to their friend David Smith.

He then punched Mr Smith twice in the head causing him to fall to the floor, where he continued to punch, kick and knee him.

The victim suffered bruising and attended hospital, but did not require further treatment.

Mr Dodson said the second attack took place on Saturday, August 27.

Vince Wemyss was returning home from the supermarket when he saw Jackson and Ms Leeming leaving the block of flats where he lives.

He went to shake the 33-year-old’s hand but Jackson crossed his arms and told him to go away.

Mr Wemyss went upstairs and into his flat, where he left the door open while he dealt with his shopping.

Jackson, who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, entered the flat and threw punches at Mr Wemyss before taking his shirt off.

He twice punched at Mr Wemyss, missing on both occasions, before striking him in the ear with a third punch.

The victim’s glasses were knocked off and damaged, and he fell against a cupboard, grazing his right arm.

Another person intervened and stopped the attack from continuing. Jackson “frantically” tried to get to Mr Wemyss and was described as being “out of control”, as he was seen punching himself in the head and chest.

Jackson, of Cales Avenue, Malvern, admitted two charges of assault by beating.

Graham Morgan, defending, said his client had not been in trouble since 1997 and yet committed two assaults in the course of two days, which would be regarded as “frenzied”.

He said the “great green god of jealousy” had reared its head on both occasions.

Mr Morgan said his client also suffered from depression and anxiety, for which he receives medication, however he had not been taking it at the time.

He added Jackson admitted alcohol had also been a factor. He has since been in contact with Turning Point to address his issues with drinking.

Magistrates ordered a report to be carried out on Jackson before he is sentenced on Wednesday, November 9.

He was released on conditional bail and ordered to comply with the Probation Service in the completion of the report.