‘Suicidal’ Ashford man falls under path of train — (Sutton and Croydon Guardian)

SSRI Ed note: Man tells GP he is suicidal, his medication is reviewed, he dies by suicide two days later.

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Sutton and Croydon Guardian

10:04am Sunday 23rd November 2008

By Lucy Buckland

A depressed Ashford pensioner killed after being hit by a train had admitted to a psychologist he suffered from suicidal thoughts two days before he died, an inquest heard.

Hamish Miller, of Wellington Road, died at Ashford station on May 14 after being hit by a high-speed freight train at about 2pm.

Woking coroner Karin Englehart recorded an open verdict last Thursday (November 13) after it emerged the 73-year-old, whose body could only be identified by fingerprints, did not leave a suicide note.

Ashford psychologist Dr Burke, who had last seen his patient less than 48 hours before his death, sent a statement to the court.

It read: “I saw him a couple of days before he took his own life.

At that point he was feeling very depressed and we were reviewing his medication. He denied having any intention of killing himself, though he did admit to having such thoughts.”

The court heard how two women on the platform watched as Mr Miller wandered into the station, appeared to check noticeboards for the next train before wandering to the edge of platform two and appearing to throw himself into the path of the high speed train.

Mr Miller’s wife Christine, who was too distraught to attend the inquest, said she had last seen her husband an hour before his death and although she was concerned about him, had no idea he was suicidal.

Dr Englehart said: “We heard from British Transport Police assistant coroner Kay Lane who said she had no reason to suspect any suspicious circumstances.

“There was no suicide note found at his home therefore not shown he planned a deliberate suicide.

“It is possible Mr Miller might have slipped from the platform.”