Accused Killer Out On Bail; Victim’s Family Outraged — (Fox 12 Oregon)

SSRI Ed note: Man in antidepressant withdrawal gets in argument with neighbours, shoots and kills one, threatens others.

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Fox 12 Oregon

POSTED: 6:32 am PDT September 12, 2007

UPDATED: 7:01 am PDT September 12, 2007

A Longview man accused in the shooting death of his neighbor is out on bail and the victim’s family is outraged.

On Sept. 1, police said 45-year-old Kevin Welsh shot and killed 42-year-old Dan Milloy at the Del Ray 2 mobile home park in Longview.

Milloy and his wife, Korena, were visiting their in-laws at the park when a fight erupted with the neighbors.

Ed Lane, Milloy’s father-in-law, said Welsh and his wife were shouting at Korena when Milloy walked over and stepped in. That’s when Lane said Welsh fired three shots.

“’And you’re next,’ and then he pointed the gun at me,” said Lane. “The gun was about two feet from my face, and he said, ‘You’re next.’ He said, ‘I’ll kill every one of you.’”

Milloy died at the scene and police arrested Welsh on four assault charges.

Last Friday, prosecutors charged Welsh with second-degree murder.

Lane and his family were relieved until they learned that Welsh had bailed out.

Welsh had already paid $50,000 bail on the assault charges and the judge applied the money to the new $75,000 bail.

“You sell a bag o weed and you get $50,000 bail. They may drop it five,” said Lane. “But you kill someone, and it’s just like it was nothing.”

Lane said he believes that Welsh was on medication for depression, but that he had stopped taking it shortly before the shooting.

Welsh has two children, just like the Milloys, and Lane said he feels terrible for them, but he also wants justice.

“I just want justice done and that’s up to the court system, you know,” said Lane.

The victim’s wife has requested that a new judge be put on the case.

There is no information on when a trial might begin.

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