Wife blames Prozac for man’s shootout with police, suicide — (Tampa Tribune)

SSRI Ed note: Divorced man on Prozac starts to carry guns, gets into high-speed chase, shoot-out with police, then kills himself with gun. Ex-wife blames Prozac.

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The Tampa Tribune

May 14, 1991

The wife of a successful Pittsburgh real estate developer who killed himself after a shootout with police in Butler County blamed an anti-depressant medication for the violent encounter. An autopsy showed Charles Goodwin, 60, died Saturday of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after a high-speed chase and shootout with police near Butler, authorities said.

Police said they found several weapons in his car.

The retired real estate executive had recently moved from Mars, Pa., to Naples, Fla. The shootout occurred when state police tried to stop his car on Route 8.

Goodwin’s ex-wife, Elizabeth Goodwin of Fox Chapel, said her former spouse had driven to Butler County from Florida on personal business.

She said her ex-husband had retired for medical reasons and that he sounded “”very, very depressed” when she talked to him on the phone. Asked why he would have been carrying guns, she replied, “It’s Prozac, the medication.”

She said Goodwin had recently stopped taking the prescription drug, which some medical studies have suggested may induce violent behavior in certain individuals.

Goodwin had developed a number of buildings beginning in the 1950s.

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