Man Jumps from George Washington Bridge — (New York Post)

SSRI Ed note: Man in antidepressant withdrawal "goes mad", dies by suicide jumping off the George Washington Bridge.

Original article no longer available

New York Post

December 10, 2003

Douglas Montero

Carlos Ramirez was pushed off the George Washington Bridge by bureaucrats, his outraged family claims.
Ramirez, 33, went mad weeks before his Dec. 2 death after he stopped taking the antidepressants he’d been on for about 15 years.
He told his family he couldn’t afford the prescriptions because bureaucrats had suspended his Medicaid payments.
Yesterday, the devastated family demanded an investigation into the decision by the Westchester County Department of Social Services to suspend his Medicaid payments. Ramirez lived in New Rochelle.
Nancy Travers, the deputy director at the agency, quickly discounted the family’s charge, saying the department cannot deny Medicaid to any disabled client receiving federal Social Security Income benefits.