“‘Monster’ admits beating, slashing — (Toronto Star)

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Toronto Star

By Gary Oakes, Wendy Darroch

19 January 1998

Voices told him to kill, man says By Wendy Darroch TORONTO STAR

An accused murderer says voices told him to kill someone because he needed help and wanted to go away for a long time, court has heard. Cecil Ethelbert Scott has pleaded not guilty to first- degree murder in the stabbing death of 17-year-old Faisel Patel on July 1, 1996. The 43-year-old had been seeing a psychiatrist for about two years and was on Prozac because of major depression, the Ontario Court, general division, jury heard.

The day after the killing, Scott walked up to Sergeant David Malcolm, who was parked outside Scott’s Scarborough Golf Club Rd. apartment building, where Patel also lived. “I’m the killer. I don’t want to live,” Scott told him. Malcolm said he was shocked. “This had never happened to me in 23 years of policing.” Later that day, Scott gave a detailed statement to Detective Gordon Sneddon. He described how he and Patel were in the apartment elevator. He had taken a knife from his kitchen and “I stabbed him through the heart. “I remember Mr. Patel begging me to stop stabbing him. He kept saying please, but I wouldn’t stop.” The trial is continuing before Mr. Justice John O’Driscoll.