Psychiatrist Still Prescribes Prozac, He Tells Judge — (Akron Beacon Journal)

SSRI Ed note: Man on Prozac and other meds shoots his ex-wife's boyfriend.

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Akron Beacon Journal (OH)

April 12, 1991

The attempted-murder trial of Lawrence Reed took on some new developments and twists Thursday, when the psychiatrist who prescribed him Prozac and another antidepressant took the stand.  Reed, of Wooster, is charged in Wayne County for shooting David R. Glazier of Ashland on Oct. 6. In using the so-called Prozac defense, Reed says he should not be held legally responsible for his actions because he was under the influence of the potent antidepressant some patients and doctors…

Akron Beacon Journal (OH) – April 9, 1991 – C4 METRO

The trial of a Wooster man who says the anti-depressant drug Prozac made him shoot his ex-wife’s boyfriend begins today, in Wayne County Common Pleas Court. Lawrence Reed, 50, who is charged with attempted murder and two counts each of kidnapping and carrying a concealed weapon, has pleaded innocent and innocent by reason of insanity. A jury was taken Monday, to the house where David R. Glazier of Ashland was shot Oct. 6.

Akron Beacon Journal (OH) – April 17, 1991


 A Florida psychiatrist testified Tuesday, that Lawrence Reed `mixed a stew that boiled over and drove him crazy’ when he combined anti-depressants Prozac and Desyrel with caffeine and sleeping pills the day he nearly killed a man. Dr. Walter Afield of Tampa, who was paid $250 an hour to testify in Reed’s behalf, outlined the cornerstones of Reed’s insanity defense for a Wayne County jury by saying: “The combination of medicine, caffeine and a severe…