Insanity Plea Entered In Strangulation Death — (Daily News of Los Angeles)

SSRI Ed note: Man on Prozac murders his girlfriend, insanity plea is planned.

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Daily News of Los Angeles (CA)

October 17, 1991


A North Hollywood man has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to murder charges in the strangulation of his 26-year-old girlfriend, Nejat Chehade, whose body was dumped near Ojai in December, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Louis Hayden Gary, 42, is undergoing psychiatric exams with court-appointed doctors and will return for a hearing on his ability to understand the charges Nov. 15, said Deputy District Attorney Carol Nelson.

Attorneys for Gary have told the court he was taking Prozac, an anti-depressant, around the time of Chehade’s death.

SOURCE: – Daily News

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