Woman claims doctor’s alleged negligence caused husband’s suicide — (The St Clair Record)

SSRI Ed note: Man anxious over PSA test, 2nd test OK, doc puts him on Celexa anyway, anxiety continues, he suffers falls, it is stopped, he dies by suicide. Widow sues.

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The St Clair Record

1/5/2009 12:59 PM

By Kelly Holleran

A Madison County woman has filed suit against a Collinsville doctor, alleging her husband committed suicide because the doctor did not properly treat him.

Kathleen Baudino’s husband, Robert Frank Baudino, committed suicide on March 13, 2007, at about 5:14 p.m., according to the complaint filed Dec. 30 in Madison County Circuit Court.

He was 58, the suit states.

Robert committed suicide after months of anxiety problems, the suit states.

Until Dec. 13, 2006, Robert had “a generally unremarkable health history,” Kathleen claims.

Then, Robert had two PSA tests that came back showing signs of concern, according to the complaint.

Because of the results, Robert began experiencing anxiety, the suit states.

On Jan. 23, 2007, he underwent a needle biopsy at Barnes-Jewish and the results indicated no histopathologic abnormality, Kathleen claims.

So, on Jan. 30, 2007, Robert’s doctor, Jospeh Corvallis, prescribed him Celexa, according to the complaint.

Still, Robert continued to have anxiety and suffered a fall once, the suit states.

After Robert fell three times and suffered a syncope episode on March 2, 2007, he was taken to Anderson Hospital where his Celexa was stopped, Kathleen claims.

He was discharged from the hospital the following day and Corvallis restarted Robert on the Celexa March 10, 2007, according to the complaint.

However, Robert did not start taking the medicine the day he was supposed to, but was waiting for his March 13, 2007, appointment with Corvallis, the suit states.

When his March 13, 2007, appointment rolled around, Robert canceled, saying his garage door would not open, Kathleen claims.

He rescheduled for March 15, 2007, but ended up committing suicide later in the day, according to the complaint.

Before his death, Robert endured emotional unrest as well as anxiety, the suit states.

Because of Robert’s death, Kathleen claims she has been deprived of his love, guidance, comfort, affection, happiness, companionship, society and future earnings and benefits.

Corvallis deviated from the accepted standards of medical care by failing to perform a mental status examination, a suicide risk assessment and educational program about the risks and benefits of Celexa prior to beginning Robert’s treatment, the suit states.

Kathleen claims Corvallis also failed to closely monitor Robert’s condition once he had been placed on Celexa, failed to provide a recommendation for psychotherapy to facilitate effective and safe treatment and failed to order a basic psychiatric evaluation, close monitoring and essential psychotherapy referral.

Corvallis failed to timely diagnose and manage the situation when Robert’s condition decompensated, failed to properly evaluate his symptoms and complaints, failed to timely seek an appropriate consultation with an appropriate specialist to diagnose Robert’s condition and undertook a course of treatment without obtaining appropriate consultations, according to the complaint.

Kathleen is seeking a judgment in excess of $50,000, plus costs.

She is represented by Bill T. Walker of Granite City.

Madison County Circuit Court case number: 08-L-1224.