Man Kills his Wife: Mom Says They Will Never Know Why — (Boston Herald)

SSRI Ed note: Man takes antidepressants, marriage falls apart, he kills his ex and himself, his mum cannot think what the explanation might be.

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UNSAFE AT HOME Mom: We’ll never know why my son killed his wife

Boston Herald (MA)

October 4, 1992


Exactly which deadly forces finally crushed the marriage of Gary and Robin Pommet in a murder and suicide Friday will never be known, said Gary Pommet’s 71-year-old mother yesterday. “No one will ever know what was said in those last moments because they are both gone. I will never know what caused Gary to do such a terrible thing,” said Fannie Pommet of Gloucester.

“Gary was a different sort of person. I think he just flipped, he lost it, probably because he loved her so much and she was threatening to divorce him.”

Fannie Pommet was the last one to talk with her 37-year-old son, whose wife moved out of their Danvers apartment six weeks ago.

Gary Pommet called his mother at 2:15 p.m. Friday, minutes before he drove his 1974 Cougar to Exeter, N.H., and fired a .44-caliber slug into his head.

Two hours earlier in Amesbury in the parking lot of Craig Systems, where he worked in the manufacturing division, Pommet fired the same gun at his estranged wife, Robin, 31, as she turned and walked away from him to her car, ending a noon-hour quarrel.

Robin Pommet, mother of two children from a second marriage, who had been living with relatives in Middleton, fell dead outside the door of her red Mustang.

“He called to tell me he was going to kill himself because he had killed Robin and couldn’t spend the rest of his life in jail,” said Pommet’s mother.

Police said Gary Pommet also told his mother he planned to burn down the third-floor tenement where he had lived 15 years and where he brought Robin and her two children after the couple’s marriage in Las Vegas last March.

Meanwhile yesterday, friends of the couple remained stunned over their deaths.

Most agreed that the marriage began to fall apart when Gary Pommet, now in his first marriage, objected to living with Robin’s children by her second husband, Ray Philbrook.

His wife moved herself and the children to Middleton with the children and entered them in school there.

However, Fannie Pommet and friends of the couple say that in recent weeks Gary Pommet had hoped to repair his marriage and couldn’t handle the rejection when his wife declined.

“This was definitely not the Gary I knew,” said Patricia Levesque, 37, of Peabody.

“I knew him for 10 years and he was a nice, easy-going guy. There was no restraining order because there was no need for one,” she said.

“Gary was so tender-hearted he wore black when his cat, “Pretty,”‘ died. It took him three days to bury it he felt so bad.”

And Levesque insisted Pommet was not a loner, decribed by other friends as someone who took medication for depression and spent long periods alone in his apartment drinking beer and listening to radio talk shows.

“Gary had a lot of friends and could be the life of the party. I remember one Halloween Party where he came as Clint Eastwood,” she said.

A friend of Robin Pommet, asking not to be identified, told a different story yesterday.

“Robin showed me notes from Gary that weren’t nice. In one he said if she ever got a restraining order, he would kill her,” the friend said.

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