Anti-depressants made Crawshawbooth man ‘a cabbage’ — (The Lancashire Telegraph)

SSRI Ed note: Man with history of depression reacts badly to antidepressants, he loses interest in everything, incl his own life. He dies by suicide.

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The Lancashire Telegraph

3:47pm Friday 2nd January 2009

By Chris Hopper

A MAN killed himself at his Rossendale home after claiming anti-depressants had turned him into a “cabbage”.

Dennis Wilkinson, 44, was found hanging at his home in Greenfold Drive, Crawshawbooth, in June.

He had been suffering depression and had been admitted to psychiatric wards.

An inquest at Burnley Coroner’s Court heard how medication for his condition had a profound effect on Mr Wilkinson.

His wife Wendy told the court: “He lost interest in everything. He would walk into the road without knowing traffic was coming.

“In his own words, the medication turned him into a cabbage and that’s why he did not stay in the psychiatric ward.”

Mrs Wilkinson said her husband had attempted overdoses before his death and had self harmed.

However, on the weekend before his death, his behaviour had become more “irrational”, she said.

“He was always battling with himself,” she added.

“A few times he had attempted suicide when he thought it was all becoming too much for him.

“But it was more of a cry for help.

“I never thought he would succeed.”

Eventually, on June 2, Mrs Wilkinson called police after finding handwritten notes scattered around the house.

Officers found her husband dead in the garage.

Dr Abdul Al-Dawoud, a pathologist at Burnley General Hospital, told the hearing that Mr Wilkinson had died from hanging but that he also had traces of amphetamines and anti-depressants in his system.

East Lancashire coroner Richard Taylor, returning a verdict of suicide, said: “He seemed to be plagued by his demons and suddenly they seemed to have got the better of him.

“From reading the letters I have seen I have no doubt whatsoever that he intended to end his own life.”