70-yr-old culprit in murder-suicide — (KFOR4)

SSRI Ed note: Man, 70, takes antidepressants, no longer acts "normal", decapitates wife and drowns himself.

Original article no longer available

News Channel KFOR4

SAND SPRINGS – Police say the deaths of Sylvia and Robert Bettis are probably part of a homicide-suicide. Seventy-year-old Robert Bettis was found floating Friday in Shell Creek Lake.

His 68-year-old wife’s body was found November 4th decapitated in the bedroom of the couple’s home. An autopsy performed on Sylvia Bettis showed that she died of decapitation.

On the same day, Robert Bettis’ car was found near the lake’s dam. Officials searched the lake for several days and didn’t immediately find the body.

Police Chief Daniel Bradley says investigators are still waiting for lab reports to confirm that Robert Bettis killed his wife and then himself.

Friends and family say Robert Bettis hadn’t been acting normal in the days leading up to his death and had been taking antidepressants. Police have no evidence that a third party was involved in the killings.