SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants has serious anger problems, shoots and kills his girlfriend in front of her 4-yr-old, then kills himself.

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New York Post

Sept 16, 2007


FAMILY TRAUMA: Christina Scarabaggio (above) was killed in front of her daughter, Bianca, who now will be taken care of by her father, Joseph Perez.

September 17, 2007 — A Brooklyn mom unwittingly sealed her fate when she bailed out her homicidal boyfriend from jail three weeks before he shot her dead in front of her screaming 4-year-old daughter, then killed himself, the slain woman’s devastated mother said yesterday.

“She might still be alive,” sobbed Ingrid Scarabaggio, whose daughter, Christina, 27, made the fatal error of showing Christopher Flynn mercy over Labor Day.

Flynn’s first arrest on charges of domestic abuse against Christina Scarabaggio occurred Aug. 7 after he shoved a gun in her face, the mom said.

Ingrid Scarabaggio said that, at the time, her daughter confided to her, “If I leave [him], someone is going to die.”

Flynn then wound up being arrested again over Labor Day for violating an order of protection stemming from that arrest, the mom said.

Scarabaggio and Flynn were driving to New Jersey over the long weekend in an effort to patch things up when cops pulled him over for a driving infraction, she said.

The cops determined that he also was violating the order of protection against Christina by being with her and busted him on that charge, the mom said.

Although broke, a desperate Scarabaggio scraped together enough money for him to make bail. “I don’t know how she got the money,” her grieving mother said.

On Saturday, Christina Scarabaggio’s loyalty to Flynn was repaid by him in blood. He chased her down as she fled their Borough Park apartment with her terrified daughter, Bianca.

Scarabaggio tried to drive away with her child but was gunned down before she could put the keys in the ignition.

Flynn delivered his coup de grace by pumping a bullet in her face. He then blew his brains out.

Scarabaggio died clutching her screaming daughter’s hand.

Police sources said Flynn had been repeatedly calling his parents shortly before he went on the deadly rampage.

Yesterday, Christina’s anguished mom – who is dying of AIDS – said she was too ill to take care of her beloved granddaughter.

The little girl – who repeatedly asked when doctors at the hospital were “going to fix Mommy” – was released Saturday into the care of her biological dad, Joseph Perez, 29, according to an Administration for Children’s Services spokeswoman.

Police sources said that she adores her father and that his previous bust on drug-peddling charges would likely not prevent him from taking custody.

Flynn and Christina met two years ago where she tended bar.

“For a while, they lived in his parents house, but eventually they were kicked out. He pushed his father down the stairs,” Ingrid said – adding that Flynn had been on antidepressants and attending anger-management classes.

Additional reporting by Larry Celona