‘Raped’ male nurse guilty of wasting police time — (The Wimbledon Guardian)

SSRI Ed note: Nurse on "cocktail" of medications for depression, insomnia, has vivid dreams, thinks he was raped, later recants. Court accuses him of lying to get attention.

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The Wimbledon Guardian

A male staff nurse who claimed he had been raped by a colleague has been found guilty of wasting police time.

Bernardino Flores, 39, of Mallards Close, Hackbridge, claimed the attack took place at nurses’ accommodation at St Helier Hospital in May 2007.

Sutton Magistrates’ Court heard on Thursday that a colleague had allegedly crept into Flores’ room in the nurses’ accommodation, drugged him and then proceeded to sexually assault him.

Flores went to the hospital’s accident and emergency department two days later, told staff he had been raped and the police were called.

But two weeks later Flores withdrew his complaint and police arrested him for wasting their time.

Flores, who worked at the hospital for four years, was found guilty and fined £1,000.

Under cross-examination, prosecutor John Gardner accused Flores of “concocting the story to seek attention”.

He said: “You like people making a fuss over you, don’t you, Mr Flores?”

Flores’ defence solicitor, Miss Whewell said her client was not a “drama queen” but claimed he had very “vivid dreams” due to his medication.

The staff nurse, who is now working as a labourer, was taking a cocktail of drugs for depression and insomnia, magistrates heard.

His lawyer said many of the drugs he took had side effects such as sleep disturbance and hallucinations.

Flores did not name an individual at the hospital during his statement to the police, the court heard.

Later that month, he withdrew his allegation that he had been raped.

He told the court he was unsure what happened and he may have been hallucinating.

Flores said: “I reacted with fear and I was worried. When people are worried and stressed they say things they shouldn’t.”

Sentencing Flores, chairman of the magistrates Maureen Pool said: “We have heard no corroborative evidence which medication you were or were not taking.

“We conclude that you fabricated this allegation for whatever reason.”