Man Murders his Father: Possible Withdrawal Case — (The Toronto Sun)

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The Toronto Sun

Wed, May 16, 2007


Son ‘just wanted to be normal’

Accused suffered from severe depression, neighbours say

REXDALE — Neighbours say the man, 38, accused of bludgeoning his elderly father to death with a hammer suffers from severe depression.

And they can’t help but wonder if Roy Bonadonna had stopped taking his medications leading up to his dad Felice’s murder Monday.

“He hated taking his medication,” said Lisa, who has known the father and son about eight years.

“He has often talked to me and told that he just wanted to be normal,” she said yesterday. She and other area residents said Roy has battled his depression since he was a young teen. He was apparently a musician and well-educated. He lost his job as a law clerk a couple of years ago and also split up with his wife, with whom he has a daughter believed to be about 3.

Roy is charged with first-degree murder and remains in custody. A post-mortem yesterday concluded Felice died of “blunt force head trauma,” Toronto Police Det. Terry Browne said, but he was unable to confirm a hammer found at the scene was the murder weapon.