Schmidt faces life sentence in shooting—(

Original article no longer available.

Published : Monday, 20 Apr 2009

Reporter: Lindsay Veremis

APPLETON – Facing life in prison, Scott Schmidt rarely lifted his eyes as he listened to the charges against him.

Schmidt was charged Monday in Outagamie County Court with first-degree intentional homicide, attempted first degree intentional homicide and felony bail jumping.

According to the criminal complaint, Schmidt parked at a nearby fire station last Friday, then walked to the Grand Chute home he once shared with his wife.

“He was afraid that if he had driven there perhaps law enforcement would be called, so it appears to be a very intentional, deliberate act by him,” Assistant District Attorney Melinda Tempelis said.

Tempelis says Schmidt was hiding in the garage, where he had hidden a gun. One of his children found him and alerted his wife, Kelly.

Court records show Kelly told her mother, Barbara Wing, Schmidt was armed, then ran outside where the couple began to argue.

According to the criminal complaint, Wing told the two children home at the time to hide in the bathroom.

Wing was following her daughter when she heard a shot and saw Kelly on the ground.

In the complaint, Wing told police, “Scott was standing over her with the gun and it looked like he was going to shoot Kelly again so she began yelling at him.”

Prosecutors say Schmidt shot Wing in the chest, then turned and shot Kelly in the head.

“It appeared to be almost execution-style,” Tempelis said.

Tempelis says Kelly suffered multiple wounds to the head, as well as injuries to her arm and hand.

Asking for a moderate cash bond, Schmidt’s attorney told the court his client suffers from depression. He says Schmidt is not receiving his medication in jail and may not be competent to stand trial.

A friend of Kelly’s eldest son saw problems, but says he didn’t expect this.

“I’m totally shocked, I never saw it coming, I’m just aghast at what he’d do to her,” Gary Limpert said.

According to court records, Schmidt believed Kelly had made hotel reservations with a boyfriend and was upset she was asking for a divorce.

Schmidt’s bond is $1 million cash. Further proceedings have not yet been scheduled.