Mentally-ill man ‘killed harmless soul’ — (Wales online)

SSRI Ed note: Man, 20, in withdrawal from Effexor stabs and kills man in park.

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Western Mail / Wales online

Oct 12 2006

A PSYCHIATRIC patient lived out his fantasy about killing people by murdering a young man – after “a mistake” with his prescription, a court heard yesterday.

Wayne Royston, 35, stabbed Dean Shorney more than 38 times in a park, it was alleged.

Dean, 20, was found with his throat slit from ear to ear in the park in Bargoed.

Cardiff Crown Court heard jobless Royston had not taken his medication to deal with his “dangerous personality disorder” because of a mistake by a mental health nurse.

Prosecutor Peter Murphy said, “Dean was the victim of a frenzied attack which left him with 38 stab injuries – 34 stab wounds to the back, four to the front and his throat had been cut almost from ear to ear.

“His killer was Wayne Royston.

“He is a man with a long-standing involvement with mental health agencies who assessed him as presenting a high risk of severe violence to the public.

“This was based on his freely expressed desires to kill someone – thoughts that at the time of the killing he was getting almost daily.

“His method of controlling these thoughts was to avoid alcohol, take diazepam and go to bed using sleeping tablets.

“On the day of the incident Royston’s wife Emma went to the GP’s surgery to pick up his repeat prescription.

“She was told they had not received a fax authorising the issuing of the prescription and she went home empty-handed.

“Later that morning he went himself to the doctor’s surgery.

“He was told that according to their records he was due a prescription for Venlaxfine, an anti-depressant, but there was no mention of diazepam.

“Royston quite rightly said he didn’t want Venlaxfine because he wasn’t taking that any more – he was absolutely right.

“His mental health nurse was contacted and he discovered he had made a mistake in a letter and had put down the old, not the new, medication.”

The court heard the mistake was rectified by the next day – but by then it was too late.

Royston allegedly went home without his medication and then spent the day drinking with his brother.

He is accused of then arming himself with a knife and leaving the house to find someone to kill.

The court heard Royston fantasised about killing someone every day and had come close to acting it out.

He told his psychiatrist that he had been to the nearby park before, armed with a bread knife to find someone to kill – but when he got there, there had been no one around.

He had also allegedly talked about murdering an ex-girlfriend, a woman he was having an affair with, a boss that talked down to him and his brother.

Mr Murphy said, “He was to tell police that at this time he was getting constant thoughts about killing people – all the time.”

Dean was found at night in the Bargoed park after he went for his routine walk.

The court he was “a harmless soul who would never hurt a fly” and enjoyed going to the park to play on the swings or watch cars driving down the street.

Mr Murphy said, “He seems to be regarded by everyone who knew him as a happy, easy-going and trusting young man with the mind of a child.”

The court heard how Dean’s father saw him dead.

Robert Shorney went looking for his son after he didn’t return home from his walk.

He was stopped by Carl Fortune, Dean’s friend, who found him in the park, and was told his son had been found with his throat cut.

Mr Murphy said, “Mr Shorney had been driving around looking for Dean as he had not arrived home.

“Carl Fortune ran towards him and told him words to the effect that Dean had been found and his throat had been cut.

“As they were talking two police officers arrived.

“The police officers and Mr Shorney ran about 80 metres into the park when one of the officers picked out Dean’s body with his torch.

“The officer could see that he was lying perfectly still and that his eyes were open and fixed.

“At this point Mr Shorney became extremely distressed.

“The officer unzipped Dean’s jacket which was zipped up to his chin and instantly saw a large cut spanning the entire width of his throat, chest and lower jaw.”

Mr Shorney had spent the day at Porthcawl with Dean before driving him back to Dean’s mother’s home.

He was phoned at around 10pm after Dean failed to return home from his walk in the park.

Dean was taken to hospital where doctors found he had 38 knife injuries.

The court heard 34 of the injuries were to the back – six of which entered the left chest cavity causing injuries to his left lung, spleen and a kidney.

Dean was also stabbed to the front of his chest through his heart.

Royston is also accused of asking his wife to give him a false alibi – his wife has pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.

Royston, of Gilfach Street, Bargoed, denies murder and perverting the course of justice saying it was committed by someone else.

The case continues.