Man Murders Wife: Stabs her 86 Times

Paragraph 23 reads:   "She added: "He was never anything but nice to me. He had been on medication for depression, which I didn't know. But he'd stopped taking the medication in May and I was away with him in London in July."

Paragraph 2 reads:  "Lilburn, an accountant, murdered mum-of-three Ann in Paisley in July 2007."

SSRI Stories Note:  Serious withdrawal symptoms can last for up to a year after discontinuing medications for depression.

Exclusive: Police feared wife killer had murdered me too, reveals mistress

Jan 8 2009 By Lisa Adams

THE former mistress of wife killer David Lilburn revealed yesterday that police feared he had murdered her too.

Lynn McGuire went on a date with Lilburn just hours before he stabbed his wife Ann 86 times at his luxury home.

After the bloodbath, police found out that Lilburn had been in a relationship with Lynn – and they were worried she could have been another victim.

Mum-of-two Lynn, 44, said: "I'll never forget that knock on the door from CID.

"Police told me they had been looking for me for a few days. They thought I might have been murdered as well.

"I had a lucky escape."

Lilburn, an accountant, murdered mum-of-three Ann in Paisley in July 2007.

His cheating had left their 26-year marriage on the rocks and Ann, 43, had told him she wanted a divorce.

On the night of the killing, Lilburn had enjoyed a romantic dinner with Lynn.

He then went home and stabbed Ann with four kitchen knives.

Last September, Lilburn was jailed for life and ordered to serve at least 19 years.

Lynn, a divorcee, is still struggling to pick up the pieces of her life after learning that the man she fell for was a killer.

She met Lilburn through a lonely hearts advert and the pair clicked on their first date in a pub near Lynn's Glasgow home.

She said: "It was summer and we sat in the beer garden.

"He dressed well and seemed down-to earth. David had such a gentle voice and seemed so interested in me.

"He told me he was separated and going for divorce. He said his ex-wife lived in Aberdeen, was unwell and controlling.

"I had no reason to believe they were lies.

My ex-husband went off with someone else and split up our family, so I know how that feels. I would never have dated a man who was still with his wife."

Hours after the date, Lilburn called to invite Lynn to the cinema the following evening.

As the relationship developed, he wined and dined her and called her up to four times a day.

Lynn was delighted when Lilburn whisked her off to London to see the hit musical Mamma Mia! and stay in the five-star Le Meridien Piccadilly hotel.

Lynn dared to hope she'd found the man of her dreams and the relationship became sexual.

She added: "He was never anything but nice to me. He had been on medication for depression, which I didn't know. But he'd stopped taking the medication in May and I was away with him in London in July.

"Anything could have happened when I was away so far from home alone with him."

Later that month, Lilburn drove Lynn to the Hungry Monk restaurant in Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, for his 45th birthday.

She had bought a new outfit for the occasion and she glowed with happiness as they looked out at the stunning scenery and shared plans for the future.

Lynn said: "I told David I'd always dreamed of swimming with dolphins on a holiday and he said if that's what I wanted to do, we should do it together."

BUT two days after the dinner date, Lynn began to worry because she hadn't heard from Lilburn, despite leaving messages on his phone.

In desperation, she contacted his mum to find out if he'd called her.

She couldn't believe what she was told.

Lynn added: "She said David had been arrested.

"She said there had been a terrible tragedy. His wife had been murdered.

"At that point, I couldn't get off the phone quick enough. I said, 'Sorry to bother you' and put the phone down.

"Even now, it's so unbelievable what's happened."

When police tracked Lynn down, she was forced to endure eight hours of questioning.

She also had to give fingerprints and provide a DNA sample.

She said: "Police had been going through all the Lynn McGuires in the area because they thought he might have murdered me as well.

"At first, they thought it could be an insurance scam that we'd both been involved in.

It was horrendous. I've never been in any bother with police. I'd only ever seen the inside of a police station on the telly."

Lynn said she was heartbroken when she had to explain to her daughters Yvonne, 19, and Diane, 16, what her boyfriend was caught up in.

But it wasn't over. While he was in prison on remand, Lilburn wrote love letters to Lynn, pleading with her to stand by him.

She decided the only way to get through to him that the relationship was over was to confront him face to face. Lynn made a secret visit by train to Greenock Prison to seehim.

She said: "I don't know how I did it. I was physically ill before I saw him. I'd never even been in a prison before.

"It took me a few glances to recognise him when he came out. He'd always been so well dressed and carried himself well.

"He was a totally broken man. He was drawn in the face and looked ill.

"He wanted me to wait for him. I was under the impression he thought he was going to get away with it or get a short prison sentence.

"He said he didn't know what had happened and couldn't remember anything.

"I didn't want David anywhere near me or my girls."

LYNN didn't see Lilburn again until she was called as a witness at his trial last summer at the High Court in Glasgow.

He claimed insanity, saying a "black shadow" had ordered him to kill Ann.

But judge Ian Peebles described him as a "wholly evil" man who had slain his "totally blameless wife" after she had nursed him through years of mental illness.

Lilburn's children, David, 26, Paul, 25, and 19-year-old Laura, were in the courtroom to hear him sentenced.

Lynn said: "I felt so sorry for his family. I was too frightened to go over and talk to them.

I didn't want his kids to think I knew he was still with his wife when I met him, because I didn't."

Today Lynn, who works with children with autism and learning difficulties, is trying to piece her life back together.

The relationship with Lilburn only lasted six weeks. But the healing process is painfully slow and it will take a lot longer to get back to normal.

Not surprisingly, Lynn's trust had been destroyed and she is scared to even think about a new relationship.

e said: "He'd always been a perfect gentleman with me but he left me a wreck. I couldn't eat or sleep. It's totally flooredme."

Just before Christmas, Lynn received another letter from Lilburn, who is now in Shotts jail in Lanarkshire.

Lynn said: "It freaked me out. But like all his other letters, it got ripped up.

"I don't think David will survive 19 years in prison. Even if he did eventually get out of jail, he's lost everything anyway."

Lynn added: "I've not come back from this yet.

"Time may be a great healer but it's not going fast enough for me.

"I'd like to get back to being bubblier, get some of the old me back.

"I'm still traumatised but my daughters have been great. They keep me going and have given me a reason to smile again."