Intruder reportedly stopped Prozac treatment — (Baton Rouge Advocate)

SSRI Ed note: Man in Prozac withdrawal tries to enter While House grounds, is shot, wounded by Secret Service.

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The Baton Rouge Advocate (La.)

May 27, 1995


NEW ORLEANS –  The man shot after scaling a White House fence was on Prozac but agents said he had stopped taking the anti-depressant drug weeks before he was wounded by a Secret Service agent, his younger sister said Thursday.

Maurine Patton said her brother, Leland “Lee” Modjeski, remained hospitalized in good condition and secluded from all family members although his parents were able to see him through a window.

Patton, who lives in New Orleans with a boyfriend, said she hadn’t been able to get in touch with Modjeski since the shooting Tuesday night. He was wounded in the arm, which doctors repaired with an artery from his leg. “My parents went to the hospital … He’s doing OK,” she said

Patton learned her brother was shot and wounded by the Secret Service on White House grounds when agents talked to her in New Orleans, she said in an interview in front of her apartment Thursday.  Patton’s boyfriend then came up in a rage, demanding money in exchange for the interview. He threatened to kill a reporter who refused, then dragged Patton back into the house.

In an interview earlier Thursday with television station WWL, Patton said, “I cannot find any reason that would drive him to do something as crazy as what happened the other night.”  She told the television station that agents told her Modjeski, 37, stopped taking Prozac about three weeks prior to the White House incident.

Secret Service agents questioned her Wednesday, she said. “They said, did I ever know of him having an arsenal of weapons, and I said ‘No.’ They said, did he ever have some kind of terrorism – something in his head about the government and I said ‘No.’ Was he a violent person? Absolutely not.”

“My brother and I are so tight,” she said. “All I’m worried about is his safety and well-being.”

Patton said she’d been unable to contact her brother when she visited Washington last week.

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