Dallas child molester going back to prison — (The Dallas Morning News)

SSRI Ed note: Child molester on Wellbutrin violates terms of parole, psychologist acknowledges med can make a person act on whatever thought enters his head.

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 The Dallas Morning News

12:00 AM CDT on Friday, August 31, 2007

By JENNIFER EMILY / The Dallas Morning News, jemily@dallasnews.com

Dallas: Offender broke terms of supervisory program, jurors find

Dallas’ most notorious child molester is headed back to prison after a jury on Thursday found he violated the terms of his civil commitment.

Civil commitment is an extreme supervisory program meant to protect the public from dangerous sexual predators.

After deliberating for an hour, a Dallas County jury found David Wayne Jones guilty of two counts of violating his civil commitment by using a box cutter as a weapon, refusing therapy and stealing bus passes.

State District Judge Fred Tinsley will begin deciding Mr. Jones’ punishment today. He will be returned to prison for up to 20 years.

Two parents and one of Mr. Jones’ victims said they were satisfied after hearing the guilty verdict.

“The jury gave us a very welcome gift,” said the mother of one of Mr. Jones’ victims. “This is like the Christmas Eve gift, and you know tomorrow is coming.”

The Dallas Morning News typically does not identify victims of sex crimes or their relatives.

Mr. Jones was first arrested in 1990 and was sentenced as part of a plea deal to 15 years in prison for molesting at least 40 boys while he was an East Dallas YMCA counselor. He also admitted to sexually assaulting one child.

After serving his prison term, Mr. Jones was civilly committed in 2005 after a jury found that as a dangerous sexual predator he was still a threat to society.

He lived at Wayback House, a halfway house near downtown Dallas, where he was not allowed to leave unsupervised.

Mr. Jones, 36, underwent voluntary surgical castration in 2004 before leaving prison.

Jurors said after the trial that they had no difficulty reaching a verdict. They said they were shocked to learn the extent of Mr. Jones’ crimes. During the trial, they only knew he was a “sexually violent predator.”

“The decision was pretty easy to make,” juror Marsha Patykiewiczsaid. “We had no idea [he had so many victims]. We were surprised.”

At the halfway house in February 2006, Mr. Jones threw a temper tantrum and refused to go to therapy. He demanded new roommates. He later threatened to cut himself with a box cutter if his demands were not met. He then cut his arm and was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital.

He also stole the bus passes in February 2006 and was unsuccessfully discharged from therapy the following month for not attending. Therapy is a condition of his civil commitment.

Bill Flynn, a psychologist who examined Mr. Jones, testified for the defense that Mr. Jones’ medication, Wellbutrin, could be blamed for his behavior. Dr. Flynn said the medication can make people have suicidal thoughts and act aggressively.

“People who take this drug break the rules,” said Dr. Flynn, who is not a medical doctor. “It’s a ‘think it, do it’ kind of a drug.”

But Dr. Nawras Shukair, a psychiatrist who examined Mr. Jones the day he cut himself, said Mr. Jones’ behavior was manipulative and attention-seeking.

Mr. Jones did not testify.

In closing arguments, prosecutors Felicia Wasson and Carmen White said Mr. Jones knowingly violated the rules and said his medication was not a factor.

“Medicine didn’t make him do it. He knew what he was doing,” Ms. White told jurors. “He’s guilty – that’s it.”

Public defender Paul Blocker told jurors Mr. Jones had followed the rules until his medication caused problems.

“We’re here because David Wayne Jones had a meltdown,” Mr. Blocker told jurors. “I bet if you had seen this situation, you would have said this man is out of his freakin’ mind.”