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Man dies of his injuries


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While learning about math at Martintown Public School Monday, Jason Fourney and his classmates were more interested in the sirens they heard in the distance.

Jason would later learn that 27- year-old Matthew McNaughton, a man who lives on his street and his family saw every Sunday at the local church, had threatened suicide, then ignited his parents’ home, injuring himself and four OPP officers.

McNaughton died of his injuries Tuesday evening.

The two officers who were severely burned in the standoff some 20 minutes north of Cornwall are now in stable condition, an OPP spokesperson said.

“It’s just shocking, something happening in Martintown this big,” said the 13-year-old.

Jason lives with his grandmother Bernice Fourney on Beaverbrook Road, near the home that burned to the ground Monday. The home, in which McNaughton also lived, was built by the hands of his retired parents.

The Fourneys, who have known the family for many years, said it was known that McNaughton was depressed and on medication, but he never exhibited any unusual behaviour.

“In church he was always helpful, a very quiet boy,” said Bernice, who used to drive a school bus for McNaughton’s three older siblings.

There are reports that he was armed with an axe and a gas can when police arrived on the scene, but OPP officials are unable to confirm this while the investigation is ongoing.

McNaughton suffered from third-degree burns to 90 per cent of his body.

The Fourneys said that all of McNaughton’s siblings have families of their own. Matthew, the youngest, did not.

The three brothers were known to work for local farmers when they were younger. Another neighbour, who said the family visited him on occasion, said McNaughton kept to himself.

“I had no trouble with him,” said Alfred Flaro. “He never bothered nobody.”
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