Paedo in Mob Siege — (The Daily Record)

SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants drinks beer, abducts and sexually assaults a 4-yr-old girl.

Original article no longer available

The Daily Record

19 August 2006

By Wilma Riley

Beast barricaded girl,4, in bedroom

A PAEDOPHILE barricaded himself and his victim inside a bedroom as an angry mob tried to batter the door down.

Barry Reid pounced after he gave the four-year-old 30p and she and her her pal, aged five, went to buy ice cream from a van.

The 29-year-old then enticed both girls into his home, the High Court in Glasgow heard.

And he took his young victim into his bedroom, leaving her pal in the living room.

The worried five-year-old then ran to get the girl’s mum who rushed to the house in Stranraer with family friends.

They got inside to find one of the bedroom doors was closed.

Barry Divers, prosecuting, told the court: “The girl’s mum and a man tried to push the door open, but were unable to do so because Reid had barricaded it.

“As they frantically battered at the door, Reid shouted at them: ‘Get out, there’s nae wean here. Get the f***oot ma hoose.'”

More people turned up and tried to force their way into the bedroom, the court was told.

Eventually, the door opened and the girl walked out carrying her shoes and burst into tears.

Reid admitted subjecting his tiny victim to a horrific sex attack last October.

He told police he had drunk seven to eight pints of lager and taken medication for depression.

Sentence was deferred and Reid was kept in custody.