School Shooting Suspect Had Hallucinations Man Is To Undergo Psychiatric Exam — (The Columbus Dispatch)

SSRI Ed note: Man with history of taking psych meds, on antidepressants, drinks, commits a number of crimes., is charged.

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The Columbus Dispatch

Bruce Cadwallader Dispatch Courts Reporter

27 October 1995  (Copyright 1995)

The man accused of shooting at his girlfriend last month outside a private school in Worthington began having hallucinations at age 13 and has been treated for depression since 1991, according to motions filed by his attorneys in Franklin County Common Pleas Court.

Judge James O’Grady previously granted a defense request to have Ronald E. Thompson, 22, undergo a court-ordered psychiatric examination. Thompson, still in jail at the request of his attorneys, has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to a seven-count indictment: attempted murder, two counts of felonious assault, and one count each of kidnapping, aggravated burglary, illegally carrying a weapon and shooting into or near a school.

O’Grady wants the results by Nov. 16 for a ruling on Thompson’s competence to stand trial.   Assistant Prosecutor Edward Morgan agreed with the psychiatric exam sought by defense attorneys Terry K. Sherman and Debra Gorrell. A hearing on all motions is scheduled for Nov. 16.

Thompson, of Elbern Avenue on the East Side, allegedly shot twice at former girlfriend Tyree A. Williams in the parking lot of the Griswold Christian Academy on Sept. 14, Worthington police said. Williams was not injured. The shooting forced teachers to lock about 75 students in their classrooms while police officers searched for the gunman.    Thompson was arrested at Grant Medical Center hours later.

“After the alleged offenses on Sept. 14, 1995, in a last ditch effort to seek help for his problems, Mr. Thompson turned himself over to authorities at Grant Medical Center,” a defense motion reads. “He was diagnosed with major depression and suicidal ideation. However, before treatment could be commenced, Mr. Thompson was arrested and charged.”

“Mr. Thompson began having auditory hallucinations and delusions when he was 13 years old. Mr. Thompson underwent in-patient psychiatric treatment following a suicide attempt in 1991,” defense attorneys wrote. “During this admission, Mr. Thompson was diagnosed with major depression and intermittent explosive disorder.”

The attorneys said Thompson’s problems were increased with consumption of alcohol and antidepressants and a four-year, turbulent relationship with Williams, a Griswold employee. The attorneys said the relationship involved a confrontation at the Columbus Rib Fest in July with members of Williams’ family.

Defense attorneys also have asked O’Grady to suppress evidence such as statements Thompson may have made to police and any evidence seized from his house.