Police powerless to prevent murder-suicide — ( WOKR 13 TV)

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Patrice Walsh (Rochester, NY)


Carmelo Torres, 40, shot and killed his former girlfriend Angelica Segarra, 23, as she sat in her car on Goodman Street, Tuesday morning. Torres then killed himself.

Segarra and Torres moved to Rochester from Massachusetts three years ago. Their seven-year relationship ended several months ago.

Segarra’s family said Torres began stalking her so she went to court and got an order of protection last week.

Veronica Segarra, sister of the slain woman, said, “I feel kind of sad because she called police on Thursday and said he was hitting her. Why didn’t they put him in jail??

Veronica then said her sister did not want Torres put in jail and so did not sign the papers. An order of protection makes it a crime to have contact of any kind with the person whose name is on the order.

Although it didn’t work in Segarra’s case, it wasn’t the system that failed. No criminal charges were ever filed against Carmelo Torres. Prosecutors said because of that, the system didn’t have a chance to work.

Torres’ family said the order upset him and he was already on medication for depression. They also denied he was stalking Segarra.

Torres’ sister, Maria Quail said, “He was not a violent person. They argued because of the kids. He loved her dearly; he would not have done anything this stupid.”

Both families prayed and shared their grief.

Segarra’s family said she spent the night before her death crying because she feared Torres would hurt her.

Her sister Veronica said, “She said she feared she was going to die.”

The day she died, she was supposed to move into a shelter. Her family said she hoped to find shelter at Alternatives for Battered Women, but they were full.

The agency confirmed that all 38 of its beds are taken. But a spokesperson said no women are turned away; instead, they are referred to other agencies. Sometimes those agencies are outside the county.

It is often the case that victims ask for help and then don’t return to a shelter, out of fear their problems will become worse.