No explanation for North Peoria murder-suicide — (The Journal Star)

SSRI Ed note: Man takes venlafaxine, shoots and kills his wife, his dog and himself.

Original article no longer available

The Journal Star

The July 18 deaths of a North Peoria couple as homicide and suicide.

John Edenburn, 58, shot his wife, Karen Edenburn, 55, in the head twice as she slept in their bed. After shooting their golden retriever and dragging it into a spare bedroom, John Edenburn lay down on the bed next to his wife and shot himself in the head.

A concerned family member alerted police of a possible problem at the 6325 N. Imperial Drive home after John Edenburn failed to show up for work. Police and firefighters had to break into the house.

No suicide note was found or any other evidence to explain John Edenburn’s actions. Only the antidepressant venlafaxine was found in his system during his toxicology testing.

Police couldn’t say for sure when the shootings occurred, but suspected it happened the day before their bodies were discovered. They also believe the couple died within minutes of each other.

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