Man violates no-contact order, kicks in parents’ door — (The Telegraph)

SSRI Ed note: Deaf man on antidepressants takes half a bottle of pills, violates no contact order, arrives at parents' house and licks in door.,

Original article no longer available

The Telegraph

In November, Mark Stephen Head broke a no-contact order when he showed up at his parents’ home and kicked in the door. Head, who is deaf, said he had taken half a bottle of pills.

He is on medication for depression.

“He took a lot of those and it threw him off his rocker,” duty counsel John King said.

Head said he doesn’t even recall going to his parents’ home. “Everything is bothering me,” Head said as he began to cry. “I just can’t explain it all.” Judge Andrew LeMesurier sentenced Head to 50 days in jail. King said jail might be the best place for Head considering the cold weather.

Head has also worn out his welcome at the Salvation Army shelter, King said. “At least there will be some heat up there and some grub,” King said.