Six years for stabbing 93-year-old — (TV6 Fox)

SSRI Ed note: Man on Prozac drinks alcohol, stabs 93-yr-old in Walmart parking lot, gets 6 years. Mental illness blamed.

Original article no longer available

TV6 Fox  Upper Michigan

The man who stabbed a 93 year old victim in the Walmart parking lot in Houghton last year was sentenced to at least six years in prison Monday.

Paul Moilanen was convicted of the crime last month after pleading no contest by reason of mental illness. He apologized in court Monday and asked for forgiveness from Arnold Landstrom, the victim.

Moilanen’s attorney says his client had overdosed on Prozac and consumed a large amount of alcohol prior to the incident.

Moilanen’s comment?  “I know I need treatment for drug and alcohol abuse,” he said. “And I know I need treatment for my mental illness. Thank you for allowing me to make amends to Mr. Landstrom and to this community for what I did.