Canyon Lake man held after brother stabbed — (The Riverside Press-Enterprise)

SSRI Ed note: Man on medication for seizures and depression thinks his brother is having an affair with his girlfriend, stabs him, he lives.

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The Riverside Press-Enterprise, (CA)

September 30, 1994

Author: Sandra Stokley; The Press-Enterprise []

CORONA – A Canyon Lake man is scheduled to be arraigned in Riverside Municipal Court this morning on attempted murder charges after he allegedly stabbed his brother, Steven Young.

Corona police said David Young, 37, believed his brother was having an affair with David Young’s girlfriend, but police could not say whether the matter was real or imagined.

David Young was taken into custody shortly after the Wednesday morning attack at the American Exterminator Co. in Corona, said Sgt. Jim Raasveld of the Corona Police Department.

Young is held in Riverside County Jail on a charge of attempted murder. Bail has been set at $250,000.

Steven Young, 40, was stabbed six times in the torso with a single-edged, three- to four-inch knife. He was in good condition yesterday at Riverside General Hospital. The older Young lives in Canyon Lake and owns the Corona business.

Raasveld said police were summoned to the business on Maple Street shortly after 8 a.m. Wednesday.

While police were responding to the first call, Raasveld said there was another call from a person claiming to be David Young who said he had just stabbed his brother and was being chased.

Officers found Steven Young, who was bleeding heavily, being treated by paramedics at the extermination business. David Young was arrested without incident at a business on Commerce Street.

Raasveld said that after the arrest, Young led police to where he had discarded a knife allegedly used in the attack.

“David Young had accused his brother of having an affair with his girlfriend and had tried to contact his brother several times over the past week,” Raasveld said. “At this point we don’t know if it was a love triangle or one man’s obsession.

The only love triangle was the one in David Young’s mind, Steven Young said last night from his hospital bed.

His brother has a seizure disorder, Steven Young said. Drugs prescribed to control the seizures often have brought on episodes of depression, so his brother also must take medication to lift his spirits.

“I think the combination of medications has made him nuts,” he said.

He said his brother has had many difficulties in his life.

“I think he probably resents the success I’ve had in mine,” Steven Young said.

Dawn Calaway, a secretary at the firm who witnessed the attack, said yesterday that David Young showed up shortly after the business opened on Wednesday.

She said David Young walked in and without saying a word assaulted his brother as other employees looked on in horror.

“Steve was screaming `Get him off me. Get him off me,’ ” Calaway said.

Calaway said employees thought David Young was punching his brother and did not realize he had a knife until another employee pulled him off his brother.

“His arm came up and that’s when we saw the knife,” Calaway said.

Calaway said David Young looked around the room, which gave his brother a chance to stumble out the back door.

Calaway said she was holding the phone, trying to summon the police, when David Young looked at her. She said she quickly dropped the phone, fearing that he would attack her next.

David Young then followed his brother out the back door, she said.

Calaway said she ran out the front door and called police from a neighboring business. Soon after that, she said she saw David Young run out the front door with one of her fellow employees in pursuit.

“He (Young) looked pretty wild,” Calaway said. “I knew if he had a gun, he probably would have killed us all.”

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