Murder accused ‘overdosed’ days after student died — (The Scotsman)

SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants randomly attacks, robs and kills a young woman, then attempts suicide.

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THE man accused of murdering French student Amelie Delagrange broke down six days after the killing, saying “You don’t know what I have done”, a court heard yesterday.

Levi Bellfield, a wheel clamper, had become upset, after drinking and, when taken by a friend to a mental health unit, told staff he had taken an overdose the night before.

Bellfield, 39, is accused of murdering 22-year-old Miss Delagrange on 19 August, 2004, as she took a short cut home after missing her stop while travelling by bus.

She had been battered over the head with a heavy object and found near a cricket square in Twickenham Green, London.

Brian Altman, prosecuting, said that six days after Miss Delagrange’s death, Bellfield’s friend, Richard Hughes, found him in his bedroom.

“Bellfield was emotionally upset and needed help. He had been drinking,” said Mr Altman.

When Mr Hughes asked him what the matter was, Bellfield allegedly replied: “You don’t know what I have done”, the court was told.

Mr Hughes took Bellfield to Hillingdon Hospital and he was admitted to the mental health unit. Mr Altman said Bellfield told staff he had overdosed on an anti-depressant the night before. He had been feeling low and suicidal.

Bellfield had left the hospital against doctors’ advice the following day.

The prosecution allege it was Bellfield who followed Miss Delagrange to Twickenham Green in a white van with only one headlight working. Mr Altman said Miss Delagrange was killed in the eight minutes that the van was parked by the green.

He said: “Following her across the green, he attacked her and stole her possessions and drove off. Amelie was a young female having just got off a bus having missed her bus stop. She was walking along alone and she had made herself a vulnerable target to a predatory male.”

Bellfield denies murdering Miss Delagrange and another student, Marsha McDonnell, 19, and attacking three other women after stalking buses and bus stops in west London.