Depressed Evesham man didn’t know why he stole toy — (Worcester  News)

SSRI Ed note: Young man steals toy under combined influence of alcohol and antidepressants. Fined £80.

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Worcester  News

5:50pm Friday 30th January 2009

By Lucy Tatchell 

A DEPRESSED man who stole a Star Wars construction kit and then assaulted a member of staff has been made the subject of a community order.

Shane Simons took the kit from Woolworths in Evesham on Saturday, December 6.

He was approached by a store manager but when he started to leave without paying another member of staff grabbed him.

This caused Simons to scratch the Woolworths’ employee before dropping the kit and running off.

Simons, aged 21, of Bewdley Street, Evesham, admitted the theft and assault when he appeared at Worcester Magis-trates Court.

In mitigation Paul Stanley said Simons could not remember a great deal from the incident because he was drunk and taking medication for depression.

He said: “He cannot remember why he did what he did but he is extremely sorry.”

Mr Stanley said Simons had been in and out of care from a young age and his father had died two weeks before the theft.

Simons also admitted a Bail Act offence after he failed to appear at court.

Mr Stanley said: “He was scared of the consequences of coming to court and that is why he did not come.”

Simons was made the subject of a 15-month community order with a supervision requirement.

He was also ordered to pay £20 compensation to the Woolworths employee and £60 court costs.