Armed man arrested at hospital — (

SSRI Ed note: Man is given antidepressants after breakup with girlfriend, 10 days later he threatens her, goes to her workplace heavily armed.

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A BENDIGO man who armed himself with five knives and went to a city hospital after allegedly making death threats, was yesterday refused bail.

Stephen Skinner, of Barnard Street, was arrested on Monday after police were called to the Mount Alvernia hospital, where Skinner allegedly had knives strapped to his arms and thigh.

Skinner, 45, faces eight charges, including reckless conduct endangering life, making threat to kill, affray, assault with a weapon and possessing a controlled weapon without lawful excuse.

Appearing in the Bendigo Magistrates Court yesterday, Skinner was refused bail on the basis he was an unacceptable risk to the community.

The court was told staff and a 17-year-old work experience student at the hospital had been terrified by the incident.

Senior Constable Erin Coleman said Skinner had phoned his former partner – who worked at the hospital, saying he was going to strap knives to himself and kill her.

It is alleged during an earlier phone call, Skinner took to a table and chairs with a power saw, asking the victim to listen to what he was going to do.

The court was told the former partner and seven other staff locked themselves in, fearing for their safety.

Sen-Constable Coleman said Skinner also called the police, allegedly claiming he wanted to be shot.

It is alleged Skinner had three knives strapped to his body, was carrying one and had another in his back pocket when he arrived at the hospital and approached a female work experience student sitting on the lawn.

The court was told no threats were made against the 17-year-old student, but she believed her life was in danger and had since received counselling.

Within minutes, police attended the scene and Skinner was arrested and later assessed by a mental health team.

Defence lawyer Stella Stuthridge said Skinner had suffered from depression following a recent relationship breakdown and had been prescribed anti-depressants, 10 days prior to the incident.

Skinner’s father broke down sobbing after giving evidence about his son’s recent character and state of mind.

Magistrate Patrick remanded Skinner to reappear before the Bendigo Magistrates Court in December.