Murder/suicide letter found, South Haven man arrested — (Chicago Post-Tribune)

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The Chicago Post-Tribune

By Erin Guerra Post-Tribune correspondent

October 3, 2011

SOUTH HAVEN ­ When police arrested William Albrecht, officers found a letter in his home saying he was going to kill his girlfriend and himself.

Albrecht admitted to having suicidal thoughts and to writing the letter, discovered around 7 p.m. Friday in his apartment in the 700 block of Heritage Road when police investigated a complaint made by the 39-year-old Hammond woman. However, despite the presence of two bullet holes in his living room floor, he denied threatening her.

The girlfriend told police Albrecht, 49, had not taken his antidepressant medication for the past couple days and was acting crazy so, on Thursday, she threatened to leave him. Albrecht then shot a gun in her direction and destroyed her cell phone when she tried to call police, she said.

On Friday, she said, she went back to Albrecht’s home to try to work things out, according to the police report. Instead, they again started arguing and he reportedly threatened to take her life and his own if she left him.

Police arrested Albrecht for felony intimidation and took 10 shotguns, a 9mm pistol and assorted ammunition from the home for safekeeping. Additional charges of criminal recklessness with a firearm and interfering with the reporting of a crime are expected to be filed.