Doorman jailed after drunken rampage — (The Wiltshire Gazette)

SSRI Ed note: Man on 2 antidepressants drinks, threatens neighbours, police, wields knife, cuts own throat, stopped with Tazer. No memory next day. Unemployement blamed.

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The Wiltshire Gazette

By Gazette Reporter

5:05pm Wednesday 12th March 2008

A former doorman who went on a drunken rampage armed with a knife has been jailed for ten months.

Father-of-two Jamie Compton had taken a cocktail of antidepressant before drinking heavily during the day on Sunday January 13.

The 34-year-old threatened neighbours and then the police with the blade and was only stopped when he was repeatedly shot with a tazar stun gun.

During the terrifying incident the father-of-two self harmed and even tried to slash his own neck.

Jason Taylor, prosecuting, said Compton was seen arriving home at about 6pm and appeared to be drunk and aggressive.

A neighbour was extremely frightened and called the police after seeing him shouting abuse in the street.

He then watched as Compton went to his house and re-emerged brandishing an eight inch knife.

Mr Taylor said “He was extremely aggressive and shouting to the neighbour and people who didn’t seem to be there shouting I’m going to kill you’.”

He was shouting abuse and banging on a door and when the police arrive he turned his attention to them.

Compton went inside and a stand off began with him brandishing the knife through an open window.

The stand off came to an end when a tazar stun gun was used on him a number of times during which time Compton tried to self harm by cutting his throat.

He said that part of the incident was also filmed by a policeman using the video facility on his mobile phone.

When he was questioned by police the following day he said he could recall of nothing of what had taken place.

Compton, of Ainsworth Road, Park South, pleaded guilty to a charge of affray.

The court heard he had as number of previous convictions, some from when he was a bouncer in the 1990s, including an actual bodily harm.

George Threlfall, defending, said his client was on two kinds of antidepressants and had been drinking at the time of the offence.

“He was a man who was deeply unhappy. He hadn’t been in work for some time and I suspect lacked self-respect,” he said.

“His wife provided the income with him on benefits and not in a very good position to set a very good example to his two children.”

He said Compton accepts it was a disgraceful incident’ and he was deeply ashamed at what he had done.

Jailing him for ten months Judge Douglas Field “Everyone accepts that this behaviour was unacceptable.

“The aggravating features are that you had a knife, your neighbour was terrified and you continued behaving in this unacceptable and terrifying way towards the police.”