Man made threats towards police—(Blackpool Gazette)

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Blackpool Gazette

2  June 2009

A MAN paced up and down making aggressive grunting noises in front of police officers.

David Terrell shouted: “I’m not letting them in,” when police knocked at the front door.

Terrell, 35, of Gretna Crescent in Thornton, admitted breach of the peace and was bound over in the sum of 100 for 12 months by Blackpool magistrates.

Alison Quanbrough, prosecuting, said police were called to Gretna Crescent on Sunday at 5pm where Terrell’s girlfriend said they had argued and he was no longer welcome.

Terrell puffed up his cheeks with rage and made aggressive grunting noises, shouting: “I just want to be left alone, get out of my flat.”

Terrell said he had been drinking on top of medication for depression.