Hospital for man who threatened to jump — (Chorley Citizen)

SSRI Ed note: Man in withdrawal from antidepressants threatens to jump in front of train.

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Chorley Citizen

By Citizen reporter

A man was arrested after threatening to jump in front of trains at Chorley railway station.  The unarmed man, 34, from the Chorley area, appeared distressed and agitated as he inched towards the platform edge at the station at 3.15 pm on Thursday, April 13.

In front of terrified passengers and station staff, he repeatedly threatened to jump in front of the next train.

One eyewitness, a 29-year-old Coppull woman, who did not wish to be named said: “I was waiting to get a train to Preston when I saw the man.

“It was very worrying as he looked to be in a very upset state and was standing close to the edge of the platform.

“He said he had run out of anti-depressants and wanted to end it. I was relieved when the police came and sorted it out.”

Station staff phoned for emergency assistance when the man refused to move.

Officers from British Transport Police then arrested him under the Mental Health Act.

He was taken to Chorley Hospital where he was assessed by psychiatric staff. The man was released later on Thursday. A spokesman for British Transport Police, said: “A man was arrested for threatening to harm himself at Chorley railway station.

“He was saying he had run out of his medication and was taken to hospital for his own safety.”