SSRI Ed note: Man taking "stronger anti-depressants than he is used to" drinks, argues with woman, throws her down stairs, causing injury.

Original article no longer available

The Daily Record

A SOFTWARE engineer who threw a woman friend down a flight of stairs has been ordered to pay her £400.

Victim Lindsay MacDonald could have broken her neck, Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard.

Stephen Welsh, 38, of Bonnington, Edinburgh, admitted the assault and blamed medication mixed with alcohol.

He had visited Miss MacDonald on December 30 for drinks at her Bonnington Road flat. Later, in the early hours, they were seen arguing on the landing.

Fiscal depute Jane Spark said a neighbour had seen Welsh grab hold of Miss MacDonald’s arm, swing her around and throw her down a flight of stairs.

She suffered cuts and bruises to her back.

In mitigation, Fiona MacDonald said that Welsh had been prescribed stronger anti-depressants than he was used to.

This had caused his out-of-character behaviour, she said.

Sheriff Derrick McIntyre ordered Welsh, who had spent three nights in custody, to pay Miss MacDonald £400 in compensation. He also fined him £400.