Misadventure verdict on Yeadon man’s death — (The Wharfedale Observer)

SSRI Ed note: Man separates from wife, takes antidepressants, hangs himself, does not leave a note, nobody thinks he would do such a thing, coroner fails to rule suicide.

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The Wharfedale Observer

9:06am Thursday 4th November 2010

By Jonathan Redhead

A depressed telecommunications engineer probably did not intend to take his own life despite tying a rope around his neck, a coroner said on Tuesday.

Leeds coroner David Hinchliff said Yeadon man David Edward Vaughan was possibly “experimenting” or just trying to draw “attention to himself” when he put the ligature around his neck at his parents’ home in July.

And Mr Vaughan’s estranged wife, Tracy, said she did not believe her husband would have killed himself without leaving a note or some indication.

The inquest at Leeds Coroner’s Court heard how Mr Vaughan, 44, was found dead in a chair by his mother, Jennifer, at a house in Coppice Wood Crescent on July 1.

A post mortem revealed Mr Vaughan died as a result of hanging despite being in a sitting position.

Mr Hinchliff said any pressure on a person’s neck could cause them to lapse into unconsciousness and be unable to save themselves.

Earlier, the court heard how Mr Vaughan was taking medication for depression after separating from his wife and experiencing stress with his job as an engineer with British Telecom.

But his parents said they did not feel their son wanted to take his own life as there was no suicide note or any other message. His wife agreed.

“He was the sort of person who would like to do things correctly,” she told the inquest.

“I don’t believe he would have done that without saying goodbye.”

Recording a verdict of death by misadventure, Mr Hinchliff said: “I am under the impression possibly he was experimenting, not in a sinister way, or doing something to bring attention to himself, but he was overwhelmed by unconsciousness so quickly he wasn’t able to help himself had he desired to do so.”