Father of Man Shot to Death By Police Talks — (WMBD/WYZZ TV)

SSRI Ed note: Father calls police to stop his son, who is in antidepressant withdrawal, from committing suicide. Despite no threat to their safety, police shoot, kill him.

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Reported by: Sarah Barwacz

04/30/2007 05:43pm

Marshall County – Scott Sheets Senior says he called the police to prevent his son from committing suicide, but they ended up shooting him to death.

“He had a knife they had guns.”

Sheets Senior says there was no reason for officers to shoot his son. He says his son was trying to commit suicide when officers arrived. He had slit his wrists and throat but never threatened officers.

“Never did he hold a knife in a gesture to stab anyone.”

The Marshall County Sheriff’s and Lacon Police Departments arrived at Route 26 and county road 510 North around 1:30. Police say sheets was outside his vehicle and lunged at officers when Marshall County Deputy Wayne Strawn fired two shots, hitting Sheets in the chest and throat.

“The subject had a knife, he had approached the Marshall County and Lacon Officer with a knife in hand at which time the shot was fired.”

Sheets Senior says his son was suffering from depression and had stopped taking his medication. He says he was taunting officers but wasn’t talking like he wanted to harm them.

“He said if I come at you will you shoot me.”

Sheets Senior says his son was always at least 10 feet away from the officers. He says officers should have used mace or a stun gun and says the officer shot to kill by firing multiple shots.

“The very first bullet stopped him, he wasn’t going no where, and he shot him again, and again, and it wasn’t long after that.”

Police say they aren’t trained to shot a suspect’s arm or leg.

“We’re not trained to shoot any part of the body, we’re just trained to shoot the individual.”

Illinois State Police are taking over the investigation.