Man told to pay neighbours compensation after attacking cars — (The Evesham Journal)

SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants has gambling problem, drinks, goes on a rampage damaging cars, does not remember. Court demands that he pay for damage.

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The Evesham Journal

A MAN who caused more than £3,000 damage to his neighbour’s cars and property has been ordered to pay compensation to both victims.

Andrew Cameron, aged 29, of Hill View, Defford, near Pershore, could not remember carrying out the wrecking spree after drinking alcohol and taking anti-depressants.

Worcester Magistrates Court heard Cameron had damaged windows to the value of £909 and one of the victims had also incurred costs from her car being off the road.

Chris Hilton, defending, said Cameron was heavily under the influence of alcohol when arrested and had taken three times the amount of medication he should have done for his depression.

“He has no recollection of the incident itself. His last recollection was going to to his brother’s bedroom and talking. His next recollection was in the holding cell in the police station.” he said.

“It’s something he does regret. He lives with his parents, his parents live next door to the complainants. They have to have a harmonious relationship and he realises he has undermined that relationship not only for himself but for his parents.”

Mr Hilton told the court Cameron realised he had difficulties that needed to be addressed, including a gambling problem and £21,000 in debts.

Chairman of the bench Ina Steele said: “I am sure you appreciate it must have been very frightening indeed.”

She sentenced Cameron to an 18-month supervision order with programmes to help him deal with his problems.

“You obviously need help in sorting out your problems and getting your life back on an even keel,” she said.

Cameron, who pleaded guilty, was ordered to pay £150 compensation to one victim, £1,140.99 to another, and court costs.