Gordon Briggs, 58, was found dead at Bournemouth’s Townsend school on March 29.

His GP Dr Nigel Irwin said: “Often his sleep was poor. He was concerned he might lose his job and where he worked was threatened with closure.”

Dr Nicholas Cotzee from the mental health crisis team said: “He had chronic anxiety about the job and what was expected of him at work.”

On Tuesday, Bournemouth councillors voted to close down Townsend School at the end of this term, following eight months of debate.

Mr Briggs had worked at the school for 10 years and had a son and daughter.

He lived in a caretaker’s house that came with the job but if that was taken away he had another home in Kinson.

East Dorset coroner Sheriff Payne said: “He was obviously concerned about the school closure but there was no particular problem that precipitated this.”

He recorded a verdict of suicide.

Mr Briggs’ wife Yvonne said afterwards: “There were so many factors – it wasn’t just the school but that didn’t help.”

Mr Briggs took three overdoses in three weeks before his death and his sister Linda Aldham, from Merley, said his personality had altered after his anti-depressant medication was changed.

But consultant Geoffrey Searle told the inquest there was no evidence of increased risk with the drug.