Footballer jilted by love took overdose — (Express & Star)

SSRI Ed note: Man takes antidepressants for 27 years, is still depressed, never marries, eventually takes too many pills, dies.

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Express & Star

A former Sunday League Footballer of the Year who was jilted 27 years ago died after accidentally taking too many drugs prescribed for his despair, an inquest heard.

Philip Harris was said to have changed from an outgoing, talented footballer to a loner “whose whole life was his tablets” following his split from his long-term girlfriend.

The 53-year-old butcher, who never married, lived with his 77-year-old frail mother Kathleen in Blakenhall, Wolverhampton. He was rushed to New Cross Hospital after being found collapsed in his bedroom in April but doctors could not save him.

Tests showed “excessive” use of prescribed drugs for depression but there was no evidence of a large overdose, yesterday’s Wolverhampton hearing was told.

Pathologist Dr Kenneth Scott said this could have triggered a change in the brain which caused fatal heart and breathing problems.

Mr Harris’s sister-in-law Annette Harris told the inquest: “He had health problems for over 20 years and took a broad spectrum of medication. He suffered from depression but never talked of taking his own life.”

Wolverhampton coroner Richard Allen recorded a verdict of accidental death.  This article posted on June 24, 2008 at 11:36 am.