Houston chase suspect talks with 11 News — (KHOU-TV)

SSRI Ed note: Man accidentally takes his dose of Zoloft twice, goes berserk, has high speed chase, shoots at police, attempts suicide, cannot remember.

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11:36 AM CDT on Wednesday, July 26, 2006

By Shern-Min Chow / 11 News

11 News had a jail house interview with the man accused of leading police on that high speed you watched live last Friday.

Kenneth Ray Pool

What kind of man could do the things he did?

This man, Kenneth Ray Pool, a 58-year-old carpet salesman, who is now in the Harris County jail

When we asked him about Friday’s chase, Pool said he’d accidentally overdosed on anti-depressants.

“It was my medication that did it.  I took it twice and didn’t know it.  I didn’t know what I was doing,” Pool said.

According to the Deer Park resident, that triggered Friday’s robbery and nationally televised three-hour chase.

“I figured out after 15 – 20 minutes there were helicopters following me,” said Pool.

Pool did recall dodging authorities, “I lost them three times, but always bumped into another police officer.  That made me keep going,” he said.

11 News obtained a copy of a Pasadena officer’ dashcam video.  If you listen closely, you’ll hear two thudding noises.

“He just shot at me. Shots fired, shots fired,” said the officer.

Police chases

Pool told us first, “I didn’t even know I shot at a police officer.”

Then he continued in some detail, saying he had a .38 and a .357 Magnum in the truck.

“The gun had blanks in it at the time.   I shot in the air to scare him.  I wasn’t trying to kill nobody.  I took the blanks out later and threw them out the door,” he said.

Pasadena police called them bullets, not blanks.   While the officer was not hit, he did have a wreck.

After Pool crashed into the bayou, he says he put in real bullets because,  “I wanted to commit suicide.”

Of his dramatic driving, Pool said, “I learned to drive when I was 9 years old sitting on my daddy’s lap.”

Pool said he takes Zoloft, Valium and pain killers. He said he was diagnosed with depression, after losing his job and failing to sell the family carpet shop. He adds he lives with his elderly parents to help care for them.

Caught on tape: Police release dashcam video of Friday’s chase.    “I get my medications from Mexico ’cause its cheaper,” he said.

Just before we ended the interview, Pool asked “Could I have a video of that chase?”

We asked why he wanted it.  “I’d like to see what I did,” he said.

Much of this nation already has.