House arrest likely as Port Coquitlam mayor to be sentenced, Guilty of assault in attack on ex-girlfriend — (

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Staff Reporter, The Province

Published: Friday, July 25, 2008

A judge will hand down Port Coquitlam Mayor Scott Young’s sentence today.

Young, 46, pleaded guilty in May to assaulting his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend, and one count of breaching the restraining order.

In April 2007, Young burst into former girlfriend Colleen Preston’s home gym and began attacking her boyfriend Glen Shaw, who was lying on the floor. 

He kicked Shaw in the ribs and elbow and punched him in the head. As the two fought, Young slapped Preston’s face.

Young had stopped taking antidepressants just before the incident, and was extremely intoxicated when police arrived to restrain him.

At Young’s hearing on May 21, the Crown suggested a conditional sentence of nine months to a year followed by at least one year of probation, which could mean that Young can be put under house arrest and only allowed out to attend work or for medical reasons.

Despite pressure from the public and city staff — councillors have unanimously called for Young to quit three times —  Young has refused to step down as the mayor of Port Coquitlam where has served since since 2001.

The mayor has a family history of depression and alcoholism. In 2002, his 14-year-old daughter Sierra committed suicide.

When officers searched Young after the assault, they found four-metre lengths of yellow plastic rope in each front pocket — the same kind of rope his daughter used to hang herself.

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