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SSRI Ed note: Young man on mirtazapine (Remeron) commits suicide.

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Author: CYNTHIA NEFF, Star-Telegram Staff Writer

ARLINGTON ­ A man who was found dead in a car in a north Arlington parking lot has been identified, more than two weeks after his ex-girlfriend reported him missing.

Police said the body of Marcus Moon, 23, was found Wednesday in the 2700 block of North Collins Street, near a Tom Thumb supermarket and a Wendy’s restaurant.

His ex-girlfriend had called police Oct. 29 saying Moon had called her and told her that he had taken an unknown number and type of pills, a police report stated.

According to the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office, he had consumed a lethal amount of mirtazapine. The drug is an antidepressant marketed as Remeron in the United States. Moon’s death was ruled a suicide.

“No one noticed the car for an extended period of time,” said Lt. Blake Miller, a police spokesman. “There’s no foul play.”

Police were alerted at about 8 a.m. by a caller reporting an odor coming from a gray Dodge four-door car. Moon was found in the passenger seat, slumped over toward the driver’s side door, Sgt. Os Flores said.

Moon “was positioned in a way that had not been easily visible from someone walking by or driving by … unless you were right by the vehicle,” Flores said.

Officers searched for Moon after he was reported missing, but his former girlfriend didn’t know what car he was driving because his own vehicle had been wrecked in an accident. He was found in a rental car, Miller said. No weapons were found.

A Tom Thumb manager referred calls to the corporate office, which did not return calls for comment.

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